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Soils, plants, water, the environment, our climate can all offer different challenges and issues that farmers need to manage day to day, season to season to ensure consistent profitable production.

We are to help you find the right solution for greater sustainable agriculture.

Solutions To Your Issues

Healthy soils & water systems are the basis of life, but the world’s land mass has been seriously degraded and needs help. Our broad spectrum Bio-Stimulants and Organic Acids products promote soil health, structure, disease resistance and water holding capacity for sustainable agriculture..
Water use efficiency is a crucial aspect in modern agriculture. Our Organocatalyst, non ionic surfactant and organic acid technology creates an environment for greater water holding ability of soils, more efficient water uptake, less water loss, soil aeration and safe, non hazardous cleaning technology of irrigation lines and equipment.
Our Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEF's) are specifically designed to improve the uptake of NPK and trace element fertilisers cutting your input costs and increasing efficiency to maximise your output.

Our Soils & Environment Continue to Degrade

The Challenge & Opportunity

The importance of soil and water quality on the effects of agribusiness yield and quality has been long known. European agricultural practices have proven unsuitable to many global conditions and caused widespread soil degradation, erosion and environmental harm.

The pressure on our biosphere from increasing population’s waste generation, increased C02 emissions, the mining/harvesting of resources, changing land use and demand for water has caused a greater need and faster evolution of environmental management solutions.

Our soils ability to sequester carbon is well documented and proven. This ability brings agriculture to the forefront of managing climate change. But we must be careful, as too often many focus on just one aspect and after time this one focus mindset is not sustainable. The opportunity that our sustainable farming practices and products offer is substantial and broad.

The climatic benefits are proven to be significant, however the health, yield, quality and long term commercial benefits of food & fibre grown under high carbon, well structured, water efficient, high nutritious biological active soils is also significant and plays an equally crucial role in meeting the above mentioned challenges we currently face.

New and expanded business opportunities are emerging for those farmers willing to adjust practices and work with a broader approach. It is our role to give you the tools and knowledge that will simplify your job in realising these opportunities. We are a company with product lines and processes that can economically improve your soil and water quality or treat issues you may have so we can not only meet the challenges but exceed the opportunities together.

Grow Plan

Quality input products are one aspect in meeting the requirements of your farming enterprise. But without the right system, processes and knowledge of when, why and how and how much products can or should be used the products are deemed of no use. The Grow Plan™ is that system for you.

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