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Advanced Nutrients markets a strategic advantage in sustainable agriculture Innovation and Production. Future Farming™ system models increase whole-of-farm productivity by applying innovative eco-agri principles (soil health, water quality) to conventional agronomy and accepted Best Management Practice. The synergetic and holistic approach creates new “products” that support agricultural sustainability both now and in the future;

  • Increased Yield and Quality per unit land production and water consumption,
  • CO2 sequestration (Carbon Credits, Offsets, Insets, etc),
  • “Organic”, “Carbon Neutral”, “Pesticide Free” crop and produce Branding,
  • Greater water, fertilizer and chemical use efficiencies (WUE, NUE, etc),
  • Improved Social Equity (Climate Management, Natural Resource Management)

There is no question that global concern is rapidly increasing on macro-matters of Food Security, Water Security, Climate Change, Pollution Abatement and Natural Resources. We share these concerns, as well as others, and offer a solutions-based approach to their mitigation.

Future Farming™ is a recipe to balance the farm management program to increase farmer economic returns and as a consequence of this productivity increase, improve environmental and social equities.

Farmers are ideally and uniquely placed as the earth’s environmental stewards that can offer large scale solutions to CO2sequestration, erosion, desertification, deforestation, etc. NOW is the time to act as geo-political frameworks, consumer awareness, and market driven incomes for effort are in place and ready to assist.

With decades of experience (since 1986) in sustainable agriculture systems, products and advice. Our Intellectual Property, Manufacturing capacity and Farmer Solutions centric approach, offers real world value across the entire supply and marketing chain –‘Farm to Fork’.

The People

As experts working in the agricultural sector, we deal with sustainable and multi-functional agriculture and environmental management according to global challenges of the 21st century which are many.

Our company and people’s core principle is in aiding Food and Fibre production, without causing irreversible harmful effects in the essential environmental elements (soil –water –air –biosphere). Where harmful effect has already been caused, we are committed to reversing the effect and providing the sustainable alternative.

Our people are led by Craig Salmon and Gary-Murdoch-Brown, who both have developed and implemented the AN ‘Grow Plan’™ system and product technology for the past 20 years in Advanced Nutrients™.  Across Australia and internationally they have assisted farmers across a variety of crops, environments and soil types implement ‘Grow Plan’™ programs for greater farm productivity and environmental stewardship.

Their soil, scientific and business knowledge were before their time as they have been doing for 20 years, what many are just starting to talk about. This knowledge and experience gives them the ability to offer potential investment partners a successful model for financial, environmental, and social return.

The Solution Goals For Industry Crisis

Drought and water security

  • Improve soil health and farming systems to increase water holding ability of soils and water use efficiencies

Low soil fertility and soil degradation 

  • Product technology and carbon farming systems that increase soil health

Salinity / Sodicity / Encroachment

  • Excessive weed resistance from long term chemical use
  • Improve soil health, crop diversity and rotations, strategically introduce livestock to substantially reduce chemical reliance

Extreme weather events and climate change 

  • Create a resilient, increased water and nutrient efficient farm ecosystem through the sequestration of CO2 for soil carbon increases.
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