HP Fulvic Acid™

HP Fulvic Acid™

HP Fulvic Acid™ provides highly effective chelation of many plant nutrients to make them readily available for uptake by plants. A process further assisted by the products capability to increase permeability of cell membranes, increase metabolism of proteins and the activity of enzymes.

Creating Natural Balance In Agriculture

0-0-1-0 – 11% Organic Nutrient Catalyst

Seed, Soil, Fertigation

Application Timing
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19L, 208L, 1040L

Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Substantial research indicates that Fulvic Acid compounds directly and/or indirectly influence the chemistry, physics & biology of plant life.

Consistent Results

Fulvic Acids are physiologically active in enhancing consistent plant growth, in influencing enzyme activities, and in providing selective effects on many biochemical processes.

The Natural Chelate

HP Fulvic is especially important because of its mobility and ability to naturally complex or chelate nutrients and increase cation exchange.

Why HP Fulvic

The benefits of quality Fulvic Acids such as HP Fulvic for growers are numerous, from soil health, seed vigor, root development to enhanced uptake of nutrients, stimulation of plant metabolism, cell division and much more.

Improves Nutrient Uptake

HP Fulvic is a natural chelator, improving solubility & availability of nutrients. When added to nitrate fertilisers, it has a symbiotic relationship that is seen to assist in converting nitrates to Amino Acids quicker then without HP Fulvic. This in certain environments may reduce high nitrates in plants which reduces the risk of insect attack on your crop and energy loss in converting the nitrates to amino acids.

Boost Overall Crop Health & Yield

With the many attributes of HP Fulvic Acid to soil, plants and nutrients, by including it in your cropping program you are enhancing or multiplying the effects of what mother natures does over years in pristine soils in just one season or crop cycle in your soils. You will boost soil, crop health & yield.

Helps You Through Dry Times

HP Fulvic Acid has the ability to relieve a plant of oxygen deficiency and is a natural metabolite, thus increasing heat resistance of your crop and enabling crops to better withstand short term heat stress to longer dry times better.

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