Enhance THA™

Enhance THA™

Enhance THA™ (Technical Humic Acid) is a liquid concentrated form of humic acid extracted from humified plant material (leonardite). Enhance THA™ will improve the physical characteristics of your soil, crumb structure, drainage, and aeration that affects the movement and availability of your water and nutrients.

Concentrated Technology Equals Consistency

0-0-2-0 – Liquid Humic Acid Concentrate

Seed, Soil, Fertigation

Application Timing
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19L, 208L, 1040L

Technical Grade

Quality Humic Acids – Enhance THA™ have minimal solids and the ability to disperse evenly throughout water and soils creating consistent results.

The Right Ratio

A key to reliable, consistent results is the ratio of organic acids – humic, fulvic, ulmic. Enhance THA™ has these naturally balanced for optimum performance.

Certainty Assured

Each batch is extracted to a quality standard that ensures every batch is of technical grade. Enabling use through drip, sprinkler, pivots, boom sprays and aeroplane gaining maximum results.

Why Enhance THA™

The main benefits for farmers of adding humus to the soil are improved moisture holding capacity, aeration and water penetration.

More Water & Nutrients, More Crop

Enhance THA™ improves your soil moisture holding capacity, aeration and water penetration. With quality humates – Enhance THA™, having a large surface area, they are capable of holding and exchanging nutritive cations & increasing nutrient availability all resulting in better quality and yielding crops.

Seedling & Crop Vigor

Enhance THA™ gives seeds extended vigor, buffers excess salts, more access to nutrients for longer and suppresses the detrimental effect of soil acidity all creating larger, healthier root systems.

More Fertiliser Reaches Your Crop

Through its high cation exchange capacity, Enhance THA™ has the ability to hold nutrients in the root zone longer, reduce nutrient tie up and reduce the effect of high salts.

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