Enhance Max™

Enhance Max™

Enhance Max™ will boost your crops nutrient uptake & fertilizer efficiency, improve your soils water holding ability, stabilise your soil nutrient levels and delivers equal or better yield for you at lower cost per production unit. Enhance Max™ also has the ability sequester excess sodium in water and soils.

Quality Of Enhance Max™

Watch the video to see the difference in quality of Humic Acids & Enhance Max™

Broad Spectrum Organic Catalyst

0-0-2-0 – Organic Catalyst & Soil Ameliorant

Seed, Soil, Fertigation, (Especially Liquid Nitrogen)

Application Timing
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19L, 208L, 1040L

Stabilise Nutrients

Enhance Max has a unique organic catalysts complex that has the ability to bond with cations & anions to stabilise nutrients in soils and fertiliser products.

Sustainable Production

Enhance Max™ is a high analysis energy packet that offers improved sustainable production through greater soil health & less opportunity for nutrient loss to the environment.

Soil & Plant Harmony

Creating a healthier, sodium buffered, biological active soil enhances the ability of it to work in maximum harmony with plants to produce maximum results.

Why Enhance Max™

Enhance Max™ offers farmers broad spectrum solution to increase nitrogen use efficiency, buffer & sequester sodium in soil & water as well as improving overall soil health

Substantially Increase ROI

The ability of Enhance Max to stabilise nutrients, especially nitrogen & improve nutrient cycling in the soil, offers growers a substantial improvement on the return of investment on your fertiliser. From 15% to 30% more return per unit of production is consistently achieved when using Enhance Max as part of a fertiliser and soil conditioning program.

Reduce Nitrogen Costs.

Nitrogen is the major fertiliser input cost of most crops, yet it is one of the most inefficient nutrients used in agriculture. Enhance Max™ is the only nitrogen stabilising technology that can be used with urea, liquid urea, UAN and GAS. No other product has this ability to achieve the optimal production, quality & profit for you. Or do it in a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach for greater efficiency of applied fertiliser.

Protect From Sodium, Improve Crop Production

Excessive sodium in soil and water is a major issue across many parts of agriculture in Australia and globally. There are few options to managing its effect on crop production, but Enhance Max™ is a tool that can be utilised very effectively in helping manage excess sodium. Enhance Max™ is a sequestering agent and has the ability to sequest sodium so it is non-reactive and move it with water deeper into the soil profile and out of the root zone.

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