C-Lift™ is a highly concentrated broad spectrum bio-stimulant that promotes nutrient cycling in your soil, reduces stress in your plants and increases your plants physiological activity.

Broad Spectrum Bio-Stimulant

6-0.2-1-0 (Broad Spectrum Bio-Stimulant)

Foliar, Soil, Fertigation

Application Timing
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20L, 200L, 1000L

The Power Of 3 In 1

A combination of AfriKelp concentrate, HP Fulvic Acid & key Amino Acids creates a powerful, synergistic, organic complex delivering consistently better economic and crop results.

Superior Quality

The refined ingredients in C-Lift™ offers superior quality that is easy to apply through drip to planes, flexible to mix with fertilisers or apply alone to tree crops, vines, in greenhouses to broad acre.

Creates More For Less

By being a broad spectrum organic complex it offers less to achieve more. Less to transport, less inventory to carry, less to handle and easier for staff to manage.

Why C-Lift™

As a broad spectrum bio-stimulant complex, C-Lift™ offers farmers many benefits. From plant stress relief, to increased nutrient cycling, increasing soils ability to hold more water, to improving soil biology & much more.

Stress Relief For Your Crops

Crops need to manage all kinds of stress events, heat, cold, pests, disease, growth stages, chemicals, salt fertilisers all while trying to produce maximum yield & quality. By taking away much of this stress at crucial periods gives the crop back its energy for growth and quality. C-Lift™ is your plants stress relief, creating an environment for maximum crop performance.

Synergistic Power For Soil & Plant Health.

From Alginates, Auxin’s and Mannitol, to Amino Acids and the complexes of Fulvic Acids – C-Lift is a synergistic powerful organic complex to:  

  • Provide a food source for soil biology especially bacteria.
  • Provide a slow release nitrogen and bacterial food source
  • Support oxidation processes and chelate nutrients.
  • Increase soil water & nutrient holding capacity

Bigger Yields & More Quality For Less

C-Lift is helping growers create a systemic farming approach (with fertilisers) of crop stress relief, unique abilities to create healthier soil biology, soils to hold more water, increase nutrient cycling while increasing plant physiological activity. These not only create bigger yields and quality for you today but is leaving a healthier soil & crop for you tomorrow.

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