Bang P™

Bang P™

BANG P™ is a highly effective source of liquid phosphorus that greatly reduces tie up in the soil. The nitrogen is in the ammonium form and more stable to reduce leaching. The unique form of phosphorus is further improved with organic catalysts to provide even distribution in the soil and plant uptake.

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The Liquid Phosphorus For All Crops

13-19-0-0 + Organic Catalysts

Foliar, Soil, Fertigation

Application Rate & Timing
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20L, 200L, 1000L, Bulk

Liquid P & N Solution

A stabilised polyphosphate liquid solution of phosphorus and nitrogen for soil injection at planting, band spraying, fertigation or foliar.

More Available Phosphate

Slow release phosphate source – oxidation of the polyphosphate requires time to return to the orthophosphate state. Keeps phosphates available longer without hindering uptake.

Enhanced Polyphosphate

Increased diffusion of phosphorus is achieved because of the synergistic effect the organic catalysts and carriers have when reacted with the phosphorus.

Why Bang P™

The benefits of Bang P for growers are numerous, easy to use, clear flowing, compatible liquid and many more, but reduced tie up and increased plant availability are key.

30% Increase To A Deeper Greater Depth

BANG P™ is a highly effective source of phosphorus – it can increase the amount of available phosphate in the soil by 30% to a depth of 45 cm over standard liquid phosphates. Up to 80% of granular phosphates can tie up very quickly, they suck moisture to them away from seeds/roots and they do not move with water. In comparison Bang P stays available longer, evenly applied, pushes moisture away more toward the seeds/roots and moves with water up and down the root zone.

Phosphorus & Nitrogen Stability + Trace Elements

With stability, greater availability and improved efficient diffusion of phosphorus- moving up and down in the soil and flushing the root system, it creates an Enhanced Efficient Fertilising system.

Bang P also has the secondary effect of freeing up tied up trace elements in soils, especially Zinc, making them available for plant use & because of the area of soil coverage from Bang P this can be significant.

Root Development, Sustained Crop Growth Economically

A synergistic combination of P & N with organic catalysts & carrier technology creating a high performing Enhanced Efficient Fertiliser that will offer your crops greater performance from root development to sustained growth, to yield and quality enhancement, all economically and environmentally sustainable for your farming business.

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