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Welcome to Advanced Nutrients® Future Farming™

Welcome to Advanced Nutrients® Future Farming™

Welcome to Advanced Nutrients® Future Farming™ Welcome to Advanced Nutrients® Future Farming™

Agriculture Science Technology Advancing Environmental, Food, Fibre & Economic Sustainability For Farmers & Communities.

AfriKelp In Action

See how AfriKelp can make a huge difference to root development.  Poor root development is one of agriculture's biggest challenges.

No Matter What You Grow, We Have The Solutions & Products


Broad Acre & Pasture

Horticulture & Viticulture

Horticulture & Viticulture

Technology that is affordable, and minimises ever increasing input costs & maximises your profits in broadacre cropping and pasture production.

Enhanced Efficient Fertilisers through our Black Fertiliser™  granular range and high analysis Advanced Liquid fertilisers combined with our broad spectrum bio-stimulants drives nutrient use efficiencies and plant health.


Horticulture & Viticulture

Horticulture & Viticulture

Horticulture & Viticulture

Technology that offers you 'More Crop Per Drop' from irrigation and rainwater.

Unique combinations of organocatalyst's, bio-stimulants and organic acids are improving water and nutrient use efficiency, soil health and reducing plant stress.  Fertigated or foliar applied fertilisers with Advanced Liquids is offering row crop, tree crop and vine farmers unique and affordable options to enhance crop production and sustainability.  


Irrigation Water

Horticulture & Viticulture

Irrigation Water

Improving the efficiencies and effectiveness of our finite resource water for Agriculture is crucial to the sustainability of farmers and society.

By utilising organocatalyst technology, soil penetrants and organic acids (humic, fulvic & ulmic acids) you are able to clean irrigation lines, aerate water and soils, increase water penetration in hard to wet soils, reduce runoff and remove and buffer excess sodium from the root zone. 

Enhanced Efficient Fertilisers

This video shows the benefits of Black Urea® , the leading Enhanced Efficiency Fertiliser for agriculture that is always working for farmers. Black Urea®  saves thousands off your fertiliser bill, reduces losses to the atmosphere, to underground water and as nitrous oxide gas.  A unique product for a win win for your Future Farming™ enterprise. 


Results Driven

The Benefits Of Working With Advanced Nutrients®

At Advanced Nutrients®  we are serious about assisting farmers and partners achieve consistently better results. Our products, services and experience are formulated and targeted like no other to assist you achieve such results.

  • Greater fertilisers and water use efficiencies
  • Greater dollar return per nutrient and megalitre used
  • Improved soil health through increased carbon and regenerative actions
  • Reduction & reduced impact of excess sodium in soils & irrigation water
  • Reduced water runoff & losses due to better soil structure and greater water penetration
  • Increased plant health and yield through less stress, greater nutrient uptake and more available water.

Through the vehicle of our AN 'Grow Plan'™,  all farmers and our partners give us the opportunity to assist you to financially benefit through greater focus on carbon farming, regeneration of tired soils, water and nutrient use improvement, producing greater nutrient dense food and quality fibre agriculture.

What our customers are saying

“We are going into our 14th season with Advanced Nutrients®  and to date their service has been excellent and products have been of the highest quality and most importantly they’re getting the desired results in our crops. Black Urea has been an integral product in our fertiliser program that over the years has contributed to us saving thousands and thousands of dollars with no yield losses, if anything our yields are increasing.”

Bernie Bierhoff– Farm Manager, Bruce Harris & Co, Rowena NSW 

What Growers Are Saying

Click on the video below to learn more about how we can assist you increase your overall farm production and improve both your economic and environmental sustainability.  You will also  hear from some growers we work with giving you snapshot of what we have achieved with them. 


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