Bang N™

Bang N™

A highly effective, stable source of liquid nitrogen to take care of high nitrogen demand in any situation. With added Organic Catalysts it offers an exceptional nitrogen storage capacity to greatly reduce volatilization and leaching.

Greater Nitrogen Use Efficiency

40-0-0-0 + Organic Catalyst (Enhance Max™)

Foliar, Soil, Fertigation

Application Timing
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Enhanced Solution

With added Organic Catalysts reduction in volatilization and leaching is achieved whilst reducing the incidence of leaf burn.

Sustainable Nitrogen

A stabilised solution that creates a sustainable source of nitrogen that enhances environmental & economic sustainability.

Controlled Release

Three sources of nitrogen with organic catalysts controls the nutrient release for optimum plant performance.

Why Bang N™

It offers farmers the benefits of flexibility through nitrogen stability, costs reduction and sustained nutrient release for optimum crop production.

Application Flexibility

A great advantage for farmers is application flexibility, as no follow up rain or irrigation is required after application, due to its liquid form, enhanced stability and high absorption rate.

Yield, Protein, Quality Boost

By having a stabilised liquid nitrogen source, giving application flexibility opportunities for specific timing of application, substantially enhances your ability to improve yield, protein and quality.

Reduced Input Costs

Improving the efficiencies of nitrogen is key for farm profitability due to its high input into high production agriculture. Adding a high quality carbon organic catalyst source to your nitrogen improves your flexibility, sustainability and most importantly minimises your input costs & maximises your outputs

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