Aquamax™ is revolutionary technology in water and soil treatment that keeps water lines clean and free flowing, enhances the microbial health of soils, and supports optimum plant growth, through improving the nutrient and water uptake of your plants.

Creating More Crop Per Drop

Organocatalyst’s:12.0% 120 g/L
Non-ionic Surfactant: 2.4% 24 g/L

Irrigation Water

Application Timing
See Label

20L, 200L, 1000L

Aquamax™ In The Field

This video Shows Aquamax™ working in the field. (Note – In the video the product is called Phyto-Cat, which in Australia it is now named Aquamax™ )

Sustainable Water Treatment

A Systemic water treatment process leads to a non-toxic, high dissolved oxygen(DO), odour free, clean irrigation lines, and water entering soil or potting medium. Aquamax™ is totally safe for staff and reduces cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning Certainty

Aquamax™ initiates a catalytic breakdown of the bio-films/slime (polysaccharide links), and as a result of this remove the glue and therefore any ability for minerals, fertilisers and or dirt to form or build up.

Microbubble Technology

The organic catalysis mechanism aided by a unique microbubble feature converts biofilm/slime into a soluble liquid for rapid microbe consumption. Whilst not an oxidizing agent, the microbubble’s transfer available oxygen to biological and chemical oxidation processes.

Ecological Remediation

Aquamax™ has the ability to facilitate a more aerobic, and therefore healthy ecological environment in soils and plants, through the reactions of our specially prepared bio-catalytic formulation.

Highly Concentrated

Aquamax™ is delivered at very high dilutions through any type of watering system, including hydroponics and irrigation lines. Is non-corrosive, non hazardous, & Non-toxic

Quality Assured

Every batch of Aquamax™ is quality assured with HACCP & Bio-Organic Seal of Safety approved offering the highest bio-aquatic safety. A new model for green chemistry that improves the ecological health of irrigation farms & ecosystems.

Why Aquamax™

Aquamax™ offers a number of benefits to irrigation farmers. From keeping water lines clean and free flowing, to enhancing the microbial health of soils for optimum plant growth.

Once Clean, Keep It Clean

Applied at high dilutions, Aquamax™ creates an economic, sustainable cleaning system. It removes bio-films/slime resulting in no ability for iron, calcium or other minerals, dirt or fertilisers to stick in lines and with maintenance applications they will never come back.

Greater Water Use Efficiency

Having blocked lines and drippers, costs you yield and poor water use efficiency. By creating a systemic water treatment process with Aquamax™, you will keep filters, main lines, drip lines & drippers free flowing, increase your water’s dissolved oxygen & soil penetration ensuring maximum improved water use efficiency.

Soil Health To Yield & Quality Increase

Aerobic soils are able to optimize the solubility of nutrients within the soil so that they are released and absorbed by the roots in a more efficient manner. This ability produces greater root growth, and an ability to enhance fertiliser uptake, as nutrients are more efficiently transported by the plants. Aquamax™ offers a new ecological model for the irrigation & soil conditions that provide maximum yield & quality potential.

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