AfriKelp® LG-1


AfriKelp® LG-1

AfriKelp® LG-1 is a seaweed liquid bio stimulants from the Atlantic Ocean that stimulates root growth & reduce plant stress resulting in significant returns on investment for you. Every batch of AfriKelp LG-1 is quality controlled to meet exceptional standards to deliver improved performance with every application.

AfriKelp is supplied in 4 product concentrates to meet grower’s crop and budgetary needs:

AfriKelp® RTU: A concentrated formula that contains 20 – 30 times the strength of other Auxin Kelps in agriculture markets, but with a very competitive price point. 

Auxins: 5.5mg/L (5.51mg/kg), Cytokinins: 0.019mg/L (0.019mg/kg)


 AfriKelp® LG-1: A highly concentrated formula containing 70-100 times the strength of other Auxin Kelps in agriculture markets. 

Auxins: 11mg/L (11.33mg/kg), Cytokinins: 0.031mg/L (0.032mg/kg)


AfriKelp® Farmer: Is a farmer ready to use concentrate of AfriKelp LG-1 that is 100 – 200 times strength of other Auxin Kelps in agriculture markets. 

  Auxins: 20mg/L (20.2mg/kg), Cytokinins: 0.062mg/L (0.063mg/kg)


AfriKelp® EMC Concentrate: Is the x10 concentrate of AfriKelp LG-1 that is 700 – 1000 times strength of other Auxin Kelps in agriculture markets. Ideal for blending. 

  Auxins: 110mg/L (110.33mg/kg), Cytokinins: 0.31mg/L (32mg/kg)

AfriKelp in Action

Great video showing the positive effect AfriKelp has on root development

Quality. Consistency. CERTAINTY

Ecklonia Maxima.

Foliar, Soil, Fertigation, Dip, Soak

Application Timing
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20L, 200L, 1000L

Sustainable Solutions

Our liquid seaweed extracts are produced from sustainably harvested Ecklonia maxima, a giant brown seaweed species which grows in abundance at the South-West Coast of South Africa.

Essential Nutrients

Ecklonia maxima grows in the nutrient-rich Benguela current and is carefully treated during the whole production process to ensure that all our liquid seaweed extracts retain essential performance enhancing compounds and provide effective bio-stimulants in agriculture.

Growth Enhancement

The unique composition of natural bio-stimulants in the extracts – predominantly auxin – stimulate root, shoot and fruit growth in plants.

Creating Plant Harmony

The auxin as the most important plant hormone is the foundation of all growth and development processes in the plant, thus synchronising, stimulating and improving agricultural crop production.

Quality Controlled

Our liquid seaweed extracts are quality controlled to ensure that every application meets exceptional consistency standards.

Certainty Assured

Our liquid seaweed extracts promote plant growth and improve agricultural crop production, giving you more certainty in a dramatically changing farming industry.

Why AfriKelp LG-1

AfriKelp liquid seaweed extracts offer a number of benefits to farmers. From improved plant growth to better quality fruits, every application will provide essential bio-stimulants for enhanced agricultural performance.

Stimulates Plants Roots, Shoot & Fruit Growth.

AfriKelp encourages growth in the roots and shoots of plants. This growth allows crops to efficiently absorb more water, amino acids, hormones and other essential nutrients from the soil, resulting in strengthened and enriched crops.

Bigger, Healthier, & More Robust Yields.

Increased nutrient uptake supports plant growth and health. Targeted applications help the plants grow stronger more efficiently and retain more and bigger fruits of a higher quality. AfriKelp improves the overall strength of the plants, resulting in robust yields that are more resistant to environmental stress

Improved Quality More Efficiently

Increased nutrient uptake and stronger crops result in more efficiently produced better quality fruits. AfriKelp reduces the time from planting to harvesting, resulting in better returns for farmers.

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