Advanced Komplete™

Advanced Komplete™

Advanced Komplete™ is 55%

nutrients – a Potassium concentrate

balanced with phosphate for

energy, as well as urea and

organic catalysts that drive

more efficient uptake and growth

Packed With 55% Nutrient

5-15-35-0 + Organic Catalysts

Soil, Foliar, Fertigation

Application Rate & Timing
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20L, 200L, 1000L, Bulk

Up To 60% More Nutrient

Some potassium liquid concentrates contain as little as 10% nutrients & 90% water or full of nitrates that your crops no longer need.

Highest Quality

To achieve 55% total nutrient, of N, P, K plus organic catalysts requires precise chemistry with particular focus on the highest quality raw materials

The Perfect Ratio

A potassium concentrate balanced with phosphate for energy, as well as urea and organic catalysts that drive more efficient uptake and growth.

Why Komplete™

With high analysis you need high quality ingredients which results in consistency of performance for growers.

The Right Nutrients At the Right Time

Potassium is the key nutrient for flowering while nitrates are key for vegetative growth. By applying Potassium Nitrate at flowering in crops due to its perceived cheaper cost is a false economy. As your paying for nitrates you do not need and that are switching the plant between vegetative and flowering, which agronomically is not a smart thing to do for maximum crop production. Plants want potassium for flowering and require energy through phosphorus. Hence a potassium phosphate is the smarter product to apply.

Less Nutrient Waste, More Crop

With the added organic catalyst in Komplete™ ensure all 55% of nutrients gets into your crop. The addition of urea which has no positive or negative charge, also aids in an easier pathway into the leaf. Combined gets even more nutrient into your crops.

Less Time, Lower Costs

With Komplete’s™ 55% analysis being 30-60% higher than other potassium foliar products results in you spending less on transport, more time in the paddock spraying and less time refilling.

More Nutrient, More Crop, Less Cost

With a clear flowing, high analysis, the high qualities of Komplete™, you are going to get more crop, more yield, more quality for less transport costs, less packaging costs and less downtime in the paddock.

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