Advanced Gro-Phoz™

Advanced Gro-Phoz™

Gro-Phoz™ is a highly effective liquid source of zinc, phosphorus and organic catalysts for the correction of deficiencies and maintenance of growth in high performance food and fibre production.

0-20-3-0 14%Zn + Organic Catalysts

Soil, Foliar, Fertigation

Application Rate & Timing
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20L, 200L, 1000L, Bulk

Plant Growth

Gro-Phoz is specifically formulated with quality ingredients for quick & improved root development, plant vigor and strong early growth with P, Zn & Organic Catalysts.

Plant Hormone Switch

The combination of Zinc, Phosphorus & Organic Catalysts that efficiently enter the plant, stimulates the plant into auxin hormone production which enhances root development.

Close the deal

Complexed with organic catalysts, the inorganic nutrients of P & Zn are made more readily available to the plant for maximum uptake and efficient plant metabolism.

Why Gro-Phoz™

Being highly available zinc and phosphorus, Gro-Phoz™ offers growers consistent maximum crop improvement at early crop development & vegetative growth – the most crucial growth periods.

Food, Crop & Soil Health

Many food crops grown with low levels of trace elements do not meet human dietary needs, even though plants show no signs of deficiencies. Zinc is a key trace element & many soils are low in Zinc. Low zinc can effect your soil health through a lack of microbial activity, crop health through poor plant metabolism & functions such as growth hormone development, and ultimately food health and then your farms financial health.

Utilising high analysis & nutrient combination technology of

Gro-Phoz™ can quickly improve these deficiencies and your crop returns.

Small Outlays For Big Returns

The cost efficiencies of products are based on the return of production vs the cost of that production. Gro-Phoz™ offers exceptional cost efficiencies for growers through consistent, reliable and significant improved results of crop production for small input costs. Making it a solid crop investment choice for you.

The Ever Consistent Performer For You

With the key nutritional elements working in concert, complexed with organic catalysts making them more readily available to the plant for maximum uptake and efficient plant metabolism, you create consistent performance again again. Gro-Phoz™ is the ever consistent performer for your crops.

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