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Broad Spectrum Bio Stimulants & Organic Acids for Soil & Plants

Providing you with highly refined concentrates of Bio Stimulants, Organic Acids, Surfactants and Organocatalyst that when combined with each other create unique broad spectrum products.

Water Management Products

Water use efficiency is the cornerstone for efficient and sustainable agriculture.  We offer you safe, non hazardous technology of non-ionic soil penetrants and organocatalyst to create a complete water management system for your farm.  

Advanced NPKS & TE Liquids

We provide you a unique range of liquid NPKS & TE fertilizers in combination with our Bio Stimulants and Organic Catalysts technology that give you a wide range of benefits from greater nutrient penetration, mobility to increased crop uptake. 

Black Fertilisers Granular Products

Black Urea® and Black DAP™ are your answer to greater Fertiliser Use Efficiency. Their patented carbon coating provides powerful chemical, biological and physical benefits over ordinary urea and DAP fertilizer, they are the leaders in Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers.  

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Broad Spectrum Liquid BioStimulants & Bio-Catalysts Products




Enhance Max™ 0-0-2-0  

Bio stimulants / organic acids boost your crops nutrient uptake & fertilizer efficiency, improves your soils water holding ability, stabilises your soil nutrient levels and delivers equal or better yield for you at lower cost per production unit.  Enhance Max™ is a sequesting agent and has the ability to sequest excess sodium in your soil so it is non-reactive.


  •  Improves your nitrogen stability in GAS, UAN, liquid & granular urea
  • Complexes nutrients with organic compounds
  • Increase your plants membrane permeability for better nutrient uptake
  • Boosts your fertiliser nutrient cycling to increase use efficiency
  • Displaces excess sodium from the root zone and reduces salt burn
  • Promotes your soils organisms that defend against plant and soil disease   




C-Lift™ 6-0-0-0 

A highly concentrated broad spectrum bio stimulants that promotes nutrient cycling in your soil, reduces stress in your plants and increases your plants physiological activity.  Resulting in higher yield and better quality produce for you. C-Lift™ can be applied separately or added with your soluble & liquid fertilisers.


  • Increases your fertilizer nutrient use efficiency
  • Increases your crops yield & quality
  • Adds to & increases the efficiency of your soluble powders
  • Increases your profits & crop returns
  • Deceases your plants physiological stress
  • A clean free flowing liquid that will keep your booms, sprinklers and drip lines free of blockages 




HP Fulvic Acid™ 0-0-1-0  

Improves the chemical reactions that influence your crops metabolic processes.  HP Fulvic Acid™ boosts the uptake of your applied fertilizer resulting in more efficient fertiliser use and greater dollar return for you per fertilisation application.

  • Complexes & dissolves minerals & trace elements
  • Enhances farmers nutrients availability in liquid fertilisers and granular
  • Promotes quicker seed germination and faster root & shoot growth in your crops
  • Catalyses enzyme reactions
  • Increases assimilation
  • Provides a valuable source of carbon for your soil micro-organisms
  • Stimulates your plants metabolism
  • Offers you drought protection due to improved water storage




Enhance THA™ (0-0-0-0)  Liquid Humid Acid Concentrate 

Enhance THA™ (Technical Humic Acid) is a liquid concentrated form of humic acid extracted from humified plant material (leonardite).

Enhance THA™ will improve the physical characteristics of your soil such as crumb structure, drainage, and aeration that affects the movement and availability of your water and nutrients.   


  • Improves your soil moisture holding capacity, aeration and water penetration
  • Increases nutrient availability to your crops
  • Reduces your fertilizer "tie up" due to high cation exchange capacity




AfriKelp® – LG-1 Liquid Seaweed Concentrate  

Afrikelp® LG-1  is a seaweed liquid bio stimulants from the Atlantic Ocean that stimulates root growth in land plants resulting in significant returns on investment for you. Fresh Ecklonia maxima kelp, known for its strong bio stimulants properties to reduce plant stress. 

The only kelp product to guarantee 11 mg/L auxins, every batch tested – consistent level and consistent results for you. 


  • Increases your crops root growth
  • Stimulates cell division in your plants
  • Increases yield & quality of your crops

Water Management Liquid Products




Penmax 0-0-0-0 Soil Penetrant  

Penmax™    is a true non-ionic penetrant that will help you get more from your water. It will improve water penetration in hard to wet soils both horizontally and vertically.  

Penmax™  will increase your water use efficiency through less runoff, bank your water and it has the ability to flush excess salts from your plants root zone. 


It lowers the surface tension of the water to allow the water to both penetrate the “hard to wet soils”  and to act as a “spreader to promote liquid fertilisers absorption of nutrients.

In heavy soils the water will penetrate more easily. Fertiliser can be carried into the soil along with the water to promote a deeper root system. Excess salts will be carried away from the root zone as the water continues to penetrate.

Penmax™  can be used with insecticides and herbicides to allow for a more efficient placement. Because of less run off, erosion on slopes will be decreased. Penmax™  helps loosen crusted soils. 

  • Increases nutrient uptake in soil and foliar applications
  • Greater water penetration into soil results in greater root depth and vigor
  • Greatly increases leaching of excess salts beyond the root zone
  • Helps loosen crusted soils
  • Increases microbial base




Aquamax™ - A Bio-Catalytic Irrigation Line Cleaner, Water & Soil Conditioner

Aquamax™ is a revolutionary breakthrough in water and soil treatment that keeps water lines clean and free flowing, enhances the microbial health of soils, and supports optimum plant growth, through improving the nutrient and water uptake of your plants.  Contains a concentrated biocatalytic and oxidative composition that:

  • Removes anaerobic slime growth in water lines and soils
  • Reduces scale and iron deposits in water lines
  • Enhances gas transfer of oxygen
  • Promotes aerobic soil conditions and the health of soil microbiology
  • Facilitates greater water percolation throughout the soil layers
  • Improves moisture penetration and retention
  • Increases the soil’s ability to release nutrients
  • Improves plant growth and yields

Aquamax™ has the ability to facilitate a more aerobic, and therefore healthy ecological environment in your soils and plants, through the reactions of our specially prepared bio-catalytic formulation.

Aerobic soils are able to optimize the solubility of nutrients within the soil so that they are released and absorbed by the roots in a more efficient manner. This ability produces greater root growth, and an ability to enhance fertiliser uptake, as nutrients are more efficiently transported by the plants.


AQUAMAX™ (continued)

Aquamax™ offers you a new ecological model for your irrigation and soil conditions that provide maximum yield potential. The bio-organic linkage of soil water, oxygen and microbes, provides the most efficient transfer of plant necessities to crop production goals.

The products are Organocatalyst Technology. Organocatalyst’s are not enzymes, though they may perform a similar role but are not limited by environmental conditions as enzymes are (pH, DO, EC & Temperature). 

Aquamax initiate a catalytic breakdown of the bio-films/slime (polysaccharide links),  and as a result of this remove the glue and therefore any ability for minerals, fertilisers and or dirt to form or build up, they just continue as soluble ions through the line into the soil.

The organic catalysis mechanism aided by a unique microbubble technology converts biofilm/slime into a soluble liquid for rapid microbe consumption. Whilst not an oxidizing agent, the microbubbles transfer available oxygen to biological and chemical oxidation processes. 

The systemic effect of the mechanisms in the processing leads to a non-toxic, high dissolved oxygen (DO), odour free, clean irrigation lines, and water entering soil or potting medium. It is totally safe and reduces cleaning and maintenance. 


Advanced NPKS & TE Liquid Products




Komplete™ 5-15-35-0 + Organic Catalysts  


When you pay for liquid fertiliser, you shouldn’t pay good money to spray what’s little more than water on your crops. Yet some potassium liquid concentrates contain as little as 10% nutrients — and as much as 90% water. Others are full of nitrates that your crops no longer need, and which just leach into the environment (or, ironically feeds your weeds).

Komplete™ is 55% nutrients — up to 60% more nutrients than other liquid fertilisers. Maximum nutrients enable you to apply less and transport less than its competitors while increasing yield and quality.

Its Potassium concentrate is balanced with phosphate for energy, as well as urea and organic bio stimulants & bio catalysts that bind the nutrients to the soil, prevent leaching and drive more efficient uptake and growth.

Potassium is a key element for your crops before and during flowering. It fuels photosynthesis and protein synthesis, maintains nutrient balance and promotes water-use, and transports and activates more than 60 enzymes found in plant growth.

Komplete™ contains more potassium so you can reduce costs while achieving the same (or better) growth, yield and crop quality.


  • Lowers your cost per hectare
  • Reduces your transportation costs
  • Cuts your total application time
  • Reduces nutrient wastage
  • Boosts fertilizer uptake, yield and quality of your crops




CaP™ 0-15-10-1 +5% Ca  + Organic Catalysts   


CaP™ offers you a complete solution where phosphorus, potassium and calcium are low. Normally two incompatible products that are both often deficient in the plant are now able to be blended, making CaP™ a unique tool in any cropping situation.

This unique formulation is tailored to enhance your plants strength, growth and to maximise cell division.

CaP™ is your ideal liquid fertilizer source of calcium and phosphorus to take care of crop requirements for phosphorus, and boost calcium and potassium reserves.

Complexed with bio stimulants, fulvic acid, it offers exceptional absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and assists in preventing leaf burn.


  • Corrects major nutrient deficiencies in your crops
  • Gives immediately available phosphorus and calcium.
  • Assists in eliminating phosphorus deficiency in your crops due to high or low pH, extreme cold and wet and water logging conditions




GroPhoz 0-20-3-0 + 14%Zn  + Organic Catalysts   

Phosphorus is essential for plant growth every day.  Soluble ortho-phosphate fertilisers form insoluble compounds within weeks & often prior to flowering and fruit set. The crop often suffers an energy deficit and lower yield potential.

GroPhoz™ is a highly effective liquid fertilisers source of zinc, phosphorus and organic catalysts for the correction of deficiencies and maintenance of growth in your high performance food and fibre production. 

The nutritional elements work in concert with each other and the plants metabolism to provide the yield and quality improvement boost at the most crucial time for your crops.

Complexed with organic catalysts and bio stimulants, the inorganic nutrients are made more readily available to your plants for maximum uptake and efficient metabolism. An ideal product for all nutrition programs to give excellent boosts to yield and quality to your crops. 


  • Highly available zinc and phosphorus fertilizer
  • High analysis to save you money
  • Compatible with many chemicals for co-applications
  • Low risk of phytotoxicity




Liqua Jip™ 0-0-0-0 + Ca 8% + Organic Catalysts   


Liqua-Jip™ is designed to provide you a safe, soluble and reliable form of calcium ion that is made more available for plant uptake.

Liqua-Jip™ is specifically designed fertilizer to provide a method of displacing the sodium ion from problem soils and provides an alternative to continuous gypsum applications. 

The main reason to apply calcium is to displace the sodium ion from negative sites on soil particles. If the calcium ion concentration is increased sufficiently the calcium ion, which has a positive two charge can displace the sodium ion  that has a positive one charge. 

The critical factor required for the successful displacement of sodium is associated with the actual calcium ion concentration in the soil solution. Once the sodium ion is displaced from the negative sites on the clay particles and into the solution, the excess sodium ion and the salts may be flushed from the soil profile.  


  • Highly effective in replacing sodium from the root zone
  • Up to 70% more soluble calcium in the soil than gypsum
  • Greater uptake through the leaf than straight calcium nitrate
  • Cost effective and easy for you to use
  • No problems with excess nitrates causing poor fruit quality and increase insect pressure in your crops liquid fertilisers




Bang P™  13-19-0-0  + Organic Catalysts    


BANG P™ is a specially formulated, enhanced efficient concentrated liquid phosphorous fertilizer solution that increases available soil phosphate by 30% to a depth of 45 centimetres.

Bang P™ has three key traits:

  1. Improves phosphorous penetration,
  2. Minimises conversion to insoluble forms and;
  3. Boosts plant uptake efficiency.

First, the liquid form enables deeper, wider soil penetration than granular phosphates to reach more of your crop root system.

Plus, a unique blend of short-term (Orthophosphate) and extended-release (Polyphosphate) phosphates that steadily deliver soluble phosphates at a rate that doesn’t exceed your crop’s ability to absorb them.

Finally, organic catalysts & organic acids bind with the phosphate to reduce insoluble phosphate “tie-up” and increase long-term soluble-form availability for sustained uptake by your crop roots and foliage.

That’s why BANG P™ is rapidly becoming the first choice in liquid-inject fertilisers for any crop on phosphate-retentive soils.


  • Reduces tie-up in phosphate-retentive soils with high or low pH, or that are high in Iron or Aluminium
  • Accurately places Phosphorous and Nitrogen at planting for improved germination, larger root systems and greater crop vigour for your crops
  • Uses carbon organic acids technology to improve phosphate penetration and mobility for increased and sustained nutrient uptake for your crops




Bang CalciN 12-0-0-0 + 16% Ca  + Organic Catalysts  

Bang CalciN™ is a concentrated liquid calcium fertilizer that removes sodium from soil profiles and enhances crop growth and strength.

Because it’s buffered with fulvic acid, Bang CalciN™ delivers exceptional calcium and nitrogen absorption into soil and crops plants and assists in reducing the incidence of leaf burn. 

Bang CalciN™ is the ideal way to boost nitrogen uptake and meet high calcium demand in your crops while removing high sodium levels form the soil and buffering against further damage that can reduce fertility and cause poor crop yields.

Bang CalciN™ offers a complete solution for you whether used as a foliar spray, or applied directly to the soil and provides excellent protection, growth, and overall plant health in any crop nutrition program. 


  • Protects your crops from sodium overload
  • Corrects major nutrient deficiencies in your crops
  • Reduces soil surface crusting
  • Provides Nitrogen and Calcium for immediate crop absorption


Black Fertilisers Granular Products




Black Urea® 46-0-0-0 

Black Urea® will Minimise your input costs & Maximise your profits.

Many fertilizers claim to increase farmer profits by raising growth and crop productivity. Too often, the natural variability of farming can bring promises like this to zero.

We’ve developed a surer way — Black Urea® fertilisers help you cut input costs to increase profits.

Black Urea® delivers up to 30% more nitrogen to the crop, enabling you to cut the amount of Black Urea® you apply by up to one-third with no change to crop output or quality.

In some circumstances you can increase crop yields, but more usually farmers using Black Urea® choose to focus on reducing input costs. Thousands of tonnes are used by growers right now, so we know it works.


  • Improves your nitrogen use efficiency
  • Lowers your fertiliser wastage and run-off
  • Cuts your input costs and maximize your ROI
  • Improves yield on low-fertility soils

Patent No. 2003238563

Black Urea® is a registered trademark of Advanced Nutrients Pty Ltd




Black Dap™ 18-20-0-2  

Australian soils are notoriously deficient in Phosphorous. Farmers lose as much as 70% of the phosphorous fertilizer they apply to their crops when they use normal granular varieties. This inflates growing costs and reduces yields.

Black DAP™ is a unique, phosphorous-enhanced organic acids, bio stimulants-coated granular urea that boosts phosphorous delivery and utilisation for more efficient plant growth with less energy.

This blend of proprietary carbon catalysts — including technical organic acids, fulvic and ulmic acid, amino acids, melanins, peptides and polysaccharides — boosts phosphorous soil penetration, mobility and plant uptake.

This helps eliminate Phosphorous deficiency that can retard crop growth, and boosts the long-term sustained availability for the growing cycle.


  • Improves your nitrogen & phosphorus use efficiency
  • Lowers your fertiliser wastage, tie up and run-off
  • Cuts your input costs and maximize ROI of your phosphorus fertiliser
  • Improves yield on low-fertility soils

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