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There has never been more publicity and media attention on agriculture due to its role in climate management. Add to this, the modern consumers desire for greater transparency and traceability of where and how produce is grown, better quality, nutrient dense food goals, block chain and other technology, to meet the needs of population growth while protecting the environment and you have ‘modern agriculture’. 

There have never been more opportunities for farmers to transform farming businesses into a global force for good making it more profitable in the process. ‘Future Farming’  

A Sustainable Growing System –
Grow Plan™ powered by Advanced Nutrients®

A partnership centered around Productivity and Sustainability between the Landowner/Grower, Advanced Nutrients, Universities and Laboratories and data technology providers.

Grow Plan™ represents a future focused step forward in food and fibre farming management. Primary Producers are uniquely in control to improve profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health. It is well reported the improvements to yield, quality and profitability of food & fibre grown with functioning carbon, biologically active, well structured, water efficient soils are significant. 

From ‘FARM TO FORK’, the nutritional value and marketability of your produce is affected directly by your soil’s fertility. The improvement and preservation of this sensitive balance in your soil, in addition to water quality and use efficiency determines your future. The downward spiral of soil degradation from conventional practice now presents a terminal threat to farmers, consumers and future generations.

Grow Plan™ is a partnership centered around Productivity and Sustainability between the Landowner/Grower, Advanced Nutrients, Universities and Laboratories and data technology providers.

Improved Farm Sustainability – Societal focus on sequestering CO2 offers a significant opportunity for Agriculture. Healthy Soils produce healthy crops and health profits, however transitioning from a low carbon eco-agri system to a high carbon, high soil health system requires change. Change is rarely free and, in this instance, has significant short-term impacts on cash flow. Fortunately, Government initiatives (both domestic and international) have created an opportunity for the funding of change where environmental and social benefits arise from farmer improvements to productivity e.g. carbon credits, credits for biodiversity, tree planting, land clearing, land not-clearing, reef protection, water quality, etc.

Improved Farm Productivity – Soil health initiatives are reflected in productivity gains farm-wide. Increases in yield and produce quality are obvious benefits to farmers and consumers. Significant increases in nutrient use efficiency and water use efficiency are reflected in cost of fertiliser and irrigation, improvements in plant health are reflected in lower ag-chem costs, improvements in soil structure reduce fuel and machinery costs. 

How Can We Help You?

Advanced Nutrients’ eco-agri system knowledge and product technology, which are core to the Grow Plan™,have been developed and proven over 19 years by industry leading farmers.  Across Australia and internationally we have assisted farmers across a variety of crops, environments and soil types implement Grow Plan™ programs for greater farm productivity and environmental stewardship. We provide you with a continuing and complete management solution to your sustainable farming framework.

Only by understanding your vision and goals can we quickly assess the value where the Grow Plan™ plays a role. We manage the data collection and interpretation, reporting and analysis for Govt. initiatives, inputs procurement, credits trading and Intellectual Property development. Our process utilises both established and cutting-edge technology and science to measure, build, improve, and maintain maximum farm production for emerging opportunities.

Your Opportunities

Direct Benefits

Higher yield, higher quality, lower relative input costs, is higher profits. Improved primary business asset (soil) and production increases farm capital value and bankability.  Long term secondary income from carbon markets to underpin change risk and cost. Easy change management with a Grow Plan™ to guide and Advanced Nutrients to provide necessary services.


Introducing sustainable farming systems such as the Grow Plan™ creates high value marketing opportunities for your crops grown and your business. High quality produce has improved health properties, shelf life and transportability allowing “clean, green” marketability to wider markets. ‘Farm to Fork’. Demand from consumers via global giants for Certified Carbon Neutral produce is growing markedly in beverage (beer, soft drinks, etc); quality food (breakfast cereal, meat, restaurants, etc); and bio-fuels.

Investors are increasingly seeking opportunities in Carbon Neutral agribusinesses. What’s something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

Traceability & Transparency

Today’s tech savvy and up to date consumers want to know where and how, what they eat, wear and purchase are grown. Growing under the Grow Plan™ offers you the market ability to be fully transparent on the farming system and with collaboration with third party technology, deliver fully traceable, authentic nutrient dense produce.

Social & Community

Undertaking sustainable farming systems benefits your social responsibility and community standing goals. The satisfaction of making meaningful contributions to environmental health, climate, and food security issues with a global reach.

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