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"This development has been a real challenge, working with dredged material from salt water environment to having great lawns and gardens for our investors. Advanced Nutrients® have put together a program that we follow week by week and over the last 12mths have seen exceptional results in the quality of plants, turf fully rooted in and trees now in full flower. We have benefited from the recommend soil reports and building a Mineral Based fertiliser program to suit our requirements."
Rob Newman
Manager Calypso Bay Development
Cereals & Cotton
"Two things we look for, is a cost effective product that gets the job done and good service. Having used Advanced Nutrients foliar fertiliser on last season’s cotton crop, with very pleasing results. We look forward to building up a complete fertilizer program, with our local Advanced Nutrients® Representative Lisa Fairweather. The service and advice was excellent and Lisa followed the product into the field."
Rick Donovan
“Glentown” Goondiwindi QLD
"I have been using Advanced Komplete liquid fertiliser for over 5 yrs now and have recommended it to other growers in the area. I have had no issues purchasing the product, John at Soils First always has stock on hand if I run short. Without being an Agronomist I felt you could visibly see the results, by applying it in autumn and through the wet winter months it gave excellent bloom in the fruit, increasing it in spring certainly helped with the increase in growth during this time. The cost to apply although expensive has been worth it due to the increase in yield. We used it over the summer months but felt that there was little or no benefit during these hotter months and it was better to concentrate on using it in the wet winter months. Our yield has been up over the last 2yrs and we have had better finger length and weight in the bunch. We will continue to use Advanced Komplete as the results speak for themselves."
Bernie Devaney
Devaney Bananas, Woopen Creek Qld
Cereals & Legumes
"Black Urea® is a better product to handle than other products including White Urea. Lumps in Black Urea break up much easier than White Urea when left in store, and it doesn’t burn the eyes with Ammonia dust"
Kevin Dyson
Plant Operator “The Point”, Colly Blue, Liverpool Plains NSW
"I have been dealing with Advanced Nutrients® for 13 years now and have found them a reliable supplier of a high quality product. What I find separates them from the plethora of companies trying to sell me fertiliser is the quality of the product and the technical backup for the product that puts a bit of science into the decision of what to use instead the "warm and fuzzy" approach, or the hearsay of "so and so uses it", that some of the competitors use."
David Phelps
Havana Farming, Wee Waa NSW
Cereals & Cotton
"We are going into our 14th season with Advanced Nutrients® and to date their service has been excellent and products have been of the highest quality and most importantly they’re getting the desired results in our crops. Black Urea® has been an integral product in our fertiliser program that over the years has contributed to us saving thousands and thousands of dollars with no yield losses, if anything our yields are increasing."
Bernie Bierhoff
Farm Manager, Bruce Harris & Co, Rowena NSW
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