Penmax® is a true non-ionic surfactant that will improve water penetration in hard to wet soils,

reduce water runoff, bank your water and it has the ability to flush excess salts from your plants root zone. It is an ideal spreader to promote greater foliar absorption of nutrients.

Soil Penetrant That Has No Equal

Non-Ionic Surfactant (25% Polyoxypropylene – Polyethylene)

Seed, Soil, Irrigation Water, Spreader For Foliar Nutrient

Application Rate & Timing
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19L, 208L, 1040L

Water Surface Tension

Penmax® is a highly formulated true non-ionic surfactant that will lower the surface tension of the water to allow more efficient penetration in a diverse range of soils.

Your Water Use Efficiency

Penmax® has a unique ability to spread water through soils both vertically and laterally, but even more uniquely continues to penetrate after the irrigation cycle.

Flush Unwanted Salts

Penmax® not only gets your valuable water deeper and wider, but has the unique ability to flush excess salts from your plants root zone.

Unique Spreader

Penmax® act as a “spreader to promote foliar absorption of nutrients and can be used with insecticides and herbicides to allow for a more efficient placement

Reduce Erosion, Crusting

Penmax® ability to reduce surface tension water helps loosen crusted soils and with greater water penetration there is less run off & erosion will be decreased.

Safe, Consistent Quality

Penmax® is of the highest quality, is an easy to use, safe to handle and for all crops. Compatible with most fertilisers and chemicals. Suitable to be used in drip, sprinkler, pivots, laterals and flood irrigation systems.

Why Penmax®

The benefits for growers from Penmax® are many, but ultimately improving water use efficiency is your biggest asset.

Increase Water Penetration by up to 400%

For more than 30 years Penmax® has been repeatedly tested and monitored and has continually proven to greatly improve water penetration into even the hardest to wet soils. Penmax® spreads water both vertically and laterally, & continues to penetrate after the irrigation cycle. Over 70 times the volume of soil is moistened & 80% more water stored in your soil profile. That’s increasing your water use efficiency like no other

Improved and Balanced Microbial Growth.

Many soil penetrants can destroy different soil biology and create an in-balanced & unhealthy soil zone

that can affect your soils and crops long term health.

Penmax® has the opposite effect – Penmax® improves your soils microbial activity and balance,

improving long term soil health and obvious benefits to your crops.

Benefits Your Soils, Crops & Water Use Efficiency

  • Banks water – over 80% more water can be stored in your soils profile – Deeper & Wider
  • Over 70 times the volume of soil is moistened
  • You have a greater return on each litre of water irrigated
  • Helps to carry away excess problem salts
  • Improves and facilitates balanced soil microbial growth – where others destroy it.

Bigger, Healthier Production For Your Farm

These core benefits of Penmax® combine to create a healthier, bigger root system’s in your crops resulting in greater nutrient uptake and ultimately increased yield, quality and improved soil health.

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