Bang CalciN™

Bang CalciN™

Bang CalciN™ is the ideal source to take care of high calcium demand and boost nitrogen. Its ability to enhance calcium and nitrogen levels in the plant, in combination with its ability to displace sodium and buffer sodium damage in the soil, makes it a unique tool in any cropping situation

A Unique Calcium Nitrate

12-0-0-0 16%Ca + Organic Catalysts

Foliar, Soil, Fertigation

Application Rate & Timing
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20L, 200L, 1000L, Bulk

Crop Boost

Bang CalciN™ has a unique ability to lift a crop that is suffering poor growth or that is affected by excess sodium in the soil.  By foliar or ideally applied in irrigation water at low rates in 2-3 applications can get a crop through such stress back to peak performance.

Unique Formula

The combination of Calcium Nitrate and HP Fulvic Acid™ that makes up Bang CalciN™ creates a unique synergy of improving the oxygen transfer in crops, chelates the calcium and nitrate to ensure high availability of nutrients in any crop.

Reduces Nitrates Impact

Nitrates are highly plant available but also leachable and can cause plants undue stress if too high.  HP Fulvic Acid™ has the ability to substantially reduce these unwanted side affects of nitrates to create and even more valuable nutrients to any cropping system.

Why CaP?

Being unique chemistry creating a broad-spectrum, high analysis foliar product, CaP™ offers growers efficiencies in application management and improved crop performance through the transition of growth to reproduction of any crop.

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